Through my practice, I want to explore what being a living and conscious thing in this world means to me. The work becomes a space to navigate the contradictions, limitations and possibilities of this body-mind that is faced with more and more sophisticated technologies and the different resolutions of knowledge that open up through science and technology, slowly replacing or overlaying other explanations.

I’m particularly interested in working with materials which have a personal meaning for me. So I weld with my father, who is welder by trade and employ computer glitches for pattern making, which explores the experience I’ve had in working as a web and graphic designer for several years.

Patterns and grids play an important role in my work. I am always trying to look for them or construct them, creating stability and security in a world which offers so many conflicting explanations for reality. The patterns and grids are subjected to repetition, variation and mutation, which I regard as a constant in the workings of the mind.

The contrasts and contradictions I perceive in human nature and myself, the struggle and the irreconcilability of certain aspects of our experience are of particular interest to me and I explore them through working across different materials and approaches, as painting, drawing, textiles and installation.



© Agata Bara 2018